If you haven’t listened to an audio book yet, you’re about to discover a whole new world that can amuse, enlighten, educate and delight.

Earlier audio books were simply an audio recording of a written book, which is fine, but today’s audio books can create a richer, fuller experience using different voices for different characters, adding beautiful music and delightful background sounds.

Imagine a Sherlock Holmes mystery with the clip-clop of a horse drawn buggy and the melancholy sound of a London foghorn off in the distance. Enjoy a fascinating biography of the musical genius of Mozart including CD quality samples of his amazing virtuosity. You’re not just listening to each story, you’re EXPERIENCING it!

Audio books are an excellent way to immerse yourself in the latest novel, add laughter to your life with an outrageous comedy, develop your personal or business skills, find spiritual enlightenment, or even learn a new language.

Audio books are a great time saver and an excellent way to get more done throughout your day. Enjoy them while driving to and from your job or school, taking a walk, working around the house, exercising, or nearly any other activity that allows you to listen while doing it.

Audio books are great for kids too. Children love to have stories read to them, but it’s often hard to find the time. Even older kids like to hear stories as well, but they’re not likely to admit it or ask their parents to read to them. Audio books are an excellent supplement to reading and add quality learning and entertainment to a child’s life.

Audio books come in three basic formats:

1. Audio on Cassette

2. Audio on CD

3. Downloadable Audio files such as MP3 or WMA.

Audio books on Cassette are becoming less popular as fewer and fewer people use cassette players. Audio books on CD are popular and should be available for several years to come. Downloadable audio books are becoming the most popular since they can be burned to a CD or transferred to a portable device such as an MP3 player or IPOD.

Downloadable audio books have the advantage of getting your selections NOW and not having to wait for physical CDs to arrive. You can also save money since audio books that are downloaded are usually less expensive than their physical counterparts plus you save on shipping by downloading your audio books rather having the CDs sent to you.

With thousands of titles available on almost every conceivable topic, nearly everyone can enjoy the benefits of audio books. Some of the available topics are: Arts & Drama, Biographies, Business, Crime & Thrillers, Fiction, Foreign Language Study, Health & Recreation, History, Humor, Radio Shows, Religion & Spiritual, Self Help, Televison & Film, Youth Interests and much much more.

With such a large selection of audio books available, the time saving benefits, plus all the advantages of a multimedia rich experience, shouldn’t you try one (or two) for yourself?

Enjoy an audio book today!